zondag 3 juni 2012

Dag 289 Rood Wit Blauw

Bij LIM is deze week de uitdaging, Rood wit blauw, omdat dat de kleuren van de engelse vlag zijn, en het dit weekeinde het jubileum weekeinde is van Koningin Elisabeth.
Omdat dit natuurlijk ook de kleuren van de Nederlandse vlag zijn wij een examen kandidaat in huis hebben, kwam dit kaartje naar boven drijven.
Het is de gewoonte waar ik woon, om de schooltas met de nederlandse vlag buiten te hangen als er iemand slaagt. Ik weet echter niet zeker of het in heel Nederland de gewoonte is.

The LIM challenge of this week is Red, White and Blue, because that are the colours of the Union Jack. And this weekend is the jubilee weekend of the Queen. 
But Red, White and Blue are also the colours of the Dutch flag. So I though it would be fun to make a Dutch Flag. 
Around here it is custom to flag the Dutch Flag with the schoolbag when the school exams are passed. I am not sure it is custom in whole of the Netherlands. 
Since the results will be in next week, I made a congratulations card.

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Annelies zei

Ontzettend leuk!

Deanna zei

Thanks for explaining the tradition of the flag and school pack that is really neat! This card is perfect and wonderful for the challenge.

Diane zei

Very nice card....and how interesting to learn a new fact...whomever receives will treasure it I am sure!!

Stamps and Paper zei

A great card the LIM challenge


Marijke zei

leuk idee, die tas aan de vlag

Chrissie zei

Super card Marrigje... the flags of our respective nations is something else we share!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Kathyk zei

Great idea to be prepared and such a smashing card too


Lizy zei

What a fab idea for a card! Love how you have created it too :)
Lizy x

Diane zei

What a good idea. Great card.
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

Daen'Ys zei

Beautiful CAS card!


Lynne zei

Super card and a great take on the challenge. I love to hear about traditions in other countries, thanks for explaining.
Lynne xxx

Karen zei

Lovely card Marrigje - great collaboration of two great nations.

Mandi zei

Super CAS card, brilliant
Thank you very much
"Less is More"