zondag 5 augustus 2012

Dag 349 LIM, groen/blauw

Groen en blauw is de LIM challenge deze week.
Ooit leerde ik dat Groen en Blauw niet bij elkaar kleurden, en nooit samen gebruikt mochten worden. Maar ook toen hield ik al van vergeet-me-nietjes, en omdat die toch ook groen en blauw bij elkaar waren, heb ik het altijd een onzin tekst gevonden. Als eerbetoon aan die kleine bloemetjes heb ik een vergeet-me-nietjes kaart gemaakt.

Green/blue is the LIM challenge this week.
When I was young, I learned that green and blue were two colours that didn't go together, and shouldn't be used together.
But even then I loved Forget-me-nots, and since this flower is green and blue, and was lovely, I always thought that was silly.
In honor to the little flowers I made a Forget-me-not card.

16 opmerkingen:

Carole zei

Hi Marrigje your card is lovely. I was taught the same thing many years agao, blue and green should never be seen but I think we are proving them wrong. Carole xox

Skye zei

A very sweet card. I like the way you have placed the sentiment

Erica zei

I think I was taught the same thing. But LIM is showing us they can. Your card is lovely.

Aida zei

Lovely card Marrige!

Chrissie zei

It's a beautiful card... I love forget-me-nots too!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Suzilou zei

What a lovely card, I like forget-me-nots too although they do take over the garden if your not carefull hehe :)

Anoniem zei

Your card is so pretty, love it.

Mandi zei

That's a super swirl, lovely card Marrigje
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Jennie zei

Wat een beauty Marrigje!! Blauw en groen was boerenfatsoen toch?

Paper Creations by Shirley zei

Your card is so pretty! Love the design, Shirleyx

Lynne zei

This is a really pretty card. I like forget me nots too.
Lynne xxx

Victoria zei

Gorgeous! Love the swirl and tiny flower!

Von zei

I love forget-me-nots too :) pretty card

Kathyk zei

FABULOUS card - sometimes rules just have to be rewritten!


Anja zei

Love the flourish and the little blossoms!

Jessica Strider zei

Very beautiful card. I love how you layered the flowers.